1 How do I reach the Metropole Urban Hotel?
Metropole Urban Hotel is located in Saint Aikaterini Square, at the center of Heraklion. You can reach the hotel using your car, taxi or bus. There are daily scheduled services from the port and the airport to the city center.
2 Why choose Metropole Urban Hotel for my stay in Heraklion?
Metropole Urban Hotel is a modern hotel with 24 rooms and contemporary design. The location of the hotel is ideal because guests can enjoy everything that the city can offer, as the hotel is located at the center of Heraklion. Metropole Urban Hotel was created with love and it promises to the guests that it can fulfill all their needs for comfort and relaxation in a climate of Greek hospitality.
3What are the check-in / check-out hours at Metropole Urban Hotel?
Check-in and check-out times can be customized upon availability. Contact us and we will answer all of your questions.
4 How is the night life in Heraklion?
Heraklion is a city that is full of life throughout the year and will satisfy even the most discerning visitors. Thousands of students and tourists, as well as the locals who love entertainment,they all enjoy Heraklion as it offers endless choice of cafes, taverns, restaurants, bars and clubs.
5What is worth visiting in Heraklion?
Heraklion is a city with a great history and as a result it has a wealth of attractions. The Knossos Palace, the Archaeological Museum, the Tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis, the Koules Fortress, the Morosini Fountain (Lions), the Natural History Museum of Crete, the Metropolitan Church of Agios Minas and the Cathedral of Agios Titos are the monuments that definitely everyone should visit.
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